Greater Choices for the Forex Trading Options

Greater Choices for the Forex Trading Options

For those looking to become a trader, we have separated some key tips from the forex market for beginners. Many of the questions we receive on my channels are regarding withdrawals and remittances to the international broker. So here we bring some important tricks:

If you are starting with small amounts, your credit card can be used much more easily to transfer and redeem new amounts. For larger capitals, it is interesting to consider the international transfer, both for withdrawals and for sending money. For the Giga FX Trading you should be ready now.

This last option can be made through banks or exchange offices. But consider the instructions below:

  • Exchange houses are better than banks
  • At bank branches, employees are often not used to making international transfers
  • Operating costs via exchange offices are also lower
  • The difference in values ​​for the transfer, when comparing banks with exchange offices, is about $ 30
  • The bank rate always considers the tourism dollar (higher). And at the bureaux de change the commercial dollar is worth; which is much more interesting for the investor

Some money exchange houses make it possible to do everything over the internet and whatsapp, ie without huge bureaucracies as happens in banks.

Greater Choices for the Forex Trading Options

But is it possible to withdraw monthly?

Another very common question about the forex market for beginners is whether it is possible to withdraw each month. And the answer is: yes, it is possible. As long as you pay Income Tax every month you make a profit, whether you repatriate the money or not.

One suggestion that we love to give and which we find quite clever is: withdraw it only when you can return to yourself what you have invested. Let’s say you invested $ 1000. So as soon as the account doubles this amount, bring it back.

  • This is a way to recover what you have applied and let the ‘extra’ money work for you. Not to mention the security of safeguarding your initial assets. But most importantly, above all, is to respect, follow the laws and standards required for those who invest abroad.
  • These are the main tricks of the forex market for beginners. Do it right and make your investments worry-free. And if you’re looking for safe, time-saving, easy-to-learn profitability, take a 100% free lesson and get started!